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Emulsión hidratante activadora del bronceado - 300 ml. Valisol

Valisol Bronzer Activating Moisturising Emulsion 300 Ml

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What is it? This is a smooth. light. and moisturising emulsion containing a bronzing accelerater and a free anti-radical vitamin complex. It should be used as body moisturising milk as long as the UVA ray session programme lasts. What is it used for? During the UVA ray cabin sessions its daily application accelerates and stimulates melanin production in the skin with the objective of improving the results and obtaining a deeper bronzing with a more natural tone. How is it applied? Spread over the area where you wish to stimulate bronzing. It should be applied 24 hours before exposure in the UVA ray cabin (it prepares the skin). and also immediately after exposure (in depth moisturising).
Animal Friendly
100% vegan
Free Colorants
Free Sulfate
Free Salt
Free Silicons


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