Pack facial limpiador Agua micelar + Leche limpiadora + Peeling con microgránulos

Cleansing facial pack. Micellar water + Cleansing milk + Peeling with microgranules

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Micellar water for sensitive skin , dermatologically tested and without perfume allergens: This fast action facial cleaner is specially designed for the most sensitive skins. Ideal for daily facial cleansing and for the default process, it acts as a magnet withdrawing the effects of pollution; Kiddle and clean both the face and the eye contour in a single gesture. Its innovative micellar formula of bipolar structure, has a non-irritating cleaner surfactant, responsible for forming the bipolar structure micelles capable of attracting dirt and sebum from the face, and thus eliminating the dirt from the skin immediately. It is also vegan and has the Halal certification. Cleaning facial milk with sweet almond oil: Very easy application, this cleaning milk is very emollient and with a great drag power. Clean the skin, eliminates daily makeup but also professional makeup, removing decorative waste or artistic characterization. It has been formulated mainly with ecological almond oil: a perfect moisturizer for the skin and very beneficial for wrinkles, thanks to its omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6, also highlighting its vitamin and antioxidant properties. With all these qualities, after use, the skin is clean and hydrated. In addition, it has halal certification Facial peel with drag microgranules: Spectacular facial cleaner in gel format which, by the mechanical action of the microgranules it contains, eliminates the dead cells and impurities that it contains from the skin. By eliminating everything we have left in those dead cells, it favors the natural regeneration of the epidermis. And we managed to return their luminosity and freshness to the skin, being ready to receive proper treatment. It has been formulated with polyactic acid, biodegradable microparticles from vegetable sugars whose main function is exfoliation. It is very soft, vegan and has the Halal certification.
Animal Friendly
100% vegan
Free Colorants
Dermathology Tested
Free Sulfate
Free Salt
Free Silicons