Pack facial pieles maduras Leche limpiadora + Loción hidratante tonificante + Serum antiarrugas de expresión

Mature skin facial pack. Cleansing milk + Toning moisturizing lotion + Anti-wrinkle expression serum

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Cleaning facial milk with sweet almond oil. Very easy application, this cleaning milk is very emollient and with a great power of trawl. Clean the skin, eliminates daily makeup but also professional makeup, removing decorative waste or artistic characterization. It has been formulated mainly with ecological almond oil: a perfect moisturizer for the skin and very beneficial for wrinkles, thanks to its omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6, also highlighting its vitamin and antioxidant properties. With all these qualities, after use, the skin is clean and hydrated. In addition, it has halal certification. Moisturizing facial tonic Without alcohol, with ecological aloe vera. How its name indicates: toning, refreshes and moisturizes the skin aftermock with cleaning milk, as well as After any facial treatment. It is lotion with Aloe Vera allows a soft, fresh and pleasant treatment of the epidermis, all with a product that has been formulated without alcohol. Among its beneficial ingredients we find as mentioned, the aloe vera which is widely used in cosmetic fundamentally by the emollient and softening power it has. This action is mainly due to its mucilage content. The mucilages have the characteristic of being hygroscopic; That is, they absorb and retain water under certain conditions, which makes them a moisturizing agent. In addition, Hamamelis Water has been incorporated, actively recommended in cosmetic products for the treatment of skins and scalp, irritated or sensitive, because it has a slight and antiseptic anti-inflammatory activity. Finally, it also remarks that it is a vegan cosmetic and halal certification. Anti-wrinkle facial serum with retinol Intensive action Repairman and very effective to combat expression, wrinkle, loss of firmness and lack of elasticity. This facial serum, with retinol concentrate and intensive action, is formulated with an anti-aging plant asset that immediately limits the microcontractions that then originate facial wrinkles. Thus it achieves a visible decrease in the depth of wrinkles and a smoothing of the skin. In addition, it contains vitamin A, also known as Retinol, which increases the development of new cells from the epidermis, and therefore also acts as a protective agent of it. It inhibits the synthesis of lipids, thus regulating the seborrhea and modulates the proliferation of keratinocytes. In addition, it is vegan and has a halal certificate.
Animal Friendly
100% vegan
Free Colorants
Dermathology Tested
Free Sulfate
Free Salt
Free Silicons