Shipping and delivery terms

All customers must be over 18 years old to purchase on this website. The customer is obliged to

comply with all applicable laws and regulations, which may differ from country to country.

We offer worldwide shipping, depending on your delivery address. Shipments within the Iberian

Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) will take 2 to 4 working days, while shipments outside the Iberian

Peninsula will take 4 to 20 working days, depending on distance and destination.

Terms for professional customers and wholesalers

If you work as a hairdresser o beauty professional and you contribute to the IAE (Spanish tax on

economic activities), you may get a discount by providing prior justification to this email:

Return and refund policy

Delivery time

Estimated delivery time within Spain (Iberian Peninsula) is 2 to 4 working days (Mondays to

Fridays), except for special dates (first weeks of August and Christmas), when it could take 4 to 6

working days. An example of delivery would be:

  • If you place an order on Monday, it would be delivered by Wednesday.
  • If you place an order on Saturday, it would be delivered by next Tuesday.

Estimated delivery time outside Spain (Iberian Peninsula) is 4 to 20 working days, depending on

distance and destination.

Exchange or refund

The customer will have the right to exchange or ask for a refund within 15 working days from the

delivery date.

Refund policy

The customer would have to send the products, shipping prepaid, perfectly packed and without

any use to the following address: LABORATORIOS VÁLQUER, POL IND LA DEHESILLA,

PARCELA 33. VILLAMINAYA (TOLEDO) 45440. Once the products are received, we will ensure

that there has been no manipulation and we will refund the corresponding amount by transfer to

the account number you would have emailed to You can also report and

follow your shipment/refund in our central telephone: +34 92 591 00 99

If the product you receive is damaged, you should write it on the delivery note, take photos and

send them by phone (+34 635 68 59 17) or by email ( In this case, we would

refund the money by transfer and we would (or not) arrange for pick-up.

Applicable law

Purchases made through the site will be subject to Spanish applicable

regulations and appropriate law, it being understood that the purchases have been made within

Spain. Any other discrepancy or divergence that may occur regarding the fulfillment or

interpretation of the said agreement of purchase, or any of its conditions, both parties would be

subject to the court system of Madrid. The declaration of nullity for one or more established

purchase conditions, non-essential, will not entail the nullity of the said purchase agreement and

will remain in force. The content of this page is subject to changes and modifications, and should

be frequently checked.


Prices in euros (€) are accurate because payments are also made in euros.

Taxes and duties

Since we are located in Spain, our products are taxed in accordance to Spanish taxes. The

customer is directly responsible for any additional and local charges.


Regardless of the chosen payment option, apart from the cost of the product, you are

responsible for any additional costs concerning the shipping and depending on distance and

destination. Those charges will be specified when choosing the shipping address.

  • Visa, MasterCard

Any other card will not be accepted.

Online purchases through our site ( are 100% safe. Any purchase including

personal or bank information is processed through a secure method: has a

secure server using an SSL protocol that ensures the said information is encrypted during


Credit card details

Credit card details are only known and managed by the bank, while customer and order details

are managed by our company.

Orders from some countries may be subject to approval.

We strongly recommend our customers that they use the new payment system called SET

(Secure Electronic Transaction).

SET has been created by MasterCard, Visa and others as a solution offered by financial

institutions and credit companies to meet the growing needs for more secure payment methods

and to build more confidence between customers and online stores.

When using this new system SET, you will be asked for your credit card number and expiration

date, as well as a 4-digit code exclusively created for online payments. This code unequivocally

identifies the customer as the cardholder. This way, nobody will be able to make online payments

without the said code.

With this system, every customer of will be able to buy our products by

MasterCard or Visa regardless of its country of residence.

If you have not received your PIN or the online payments code, we strongly recommend you ask

your bank to benefit at no additional cost from this system.

Charges in your credit card will always be made in euros (€).

Any fraudulent use involving credit cards is considered a crime and Laboratorios VÁLQUER,

S. L. will take legal action against anyone trying to use the credit card illegally.

  • Bank transfer

If you choose this option when purchasing, you will receive an email along with your order

confirmation indicating the account number for the transaction. The payment shall be made to

Laboratorios VÁLQUER, S. L.

Make sure to indicate your purchase order number along with your full name. Transfer shall be

made within 3 days from the date of the order confirmation.

We will not consider the order complete until the deposit is verified by our bank. Please keep

your transfer receipt, as it may be subsequently required.

The payment shall be made in euros (€) and the customer will bear any exchange commission or

bank charge.

  • Cash on delivery

This option is only available for orders placed in Spain and Portugal. The order will be paid to the

shipping carrier at the time of delivery.

Customs and taxes

The customer is responsible for the payment of any applicable customs or taxes. Please contact

your country’s customs office to know about the applicable duties and taxes as well as possible

product restrictions that may be applicable in some countries.


Website intellectual property

All intellectual property rights that may be applicable for this website’s content, graphic design

and source code are the exclusive property of Laboratorios VÁLQUER, S. L.

Any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation of this content,

total or partial, without due authorization is totally prohibited.

Web content and links

Laboratorios VÁLQUER, S. L. is not responsible for the misuse of this website’s content, being

solely responsible the person who accesses or uses it.

We do not assume responsibility for the information on pages belonging to third parties which

can be accessed via links on

Exchange or transmission of information

Laboratorios VÁLQUER, S. L. cannot be held responsible for anything concerning the exchange

and transmission of information among users through this website. In particular, we do not

assume responsibility for minors accessing our website on their own in case the content could

offend any sensibilities.

Updating and modification of the website

Laboratorios VÁLQUER, S. L. reserves the right to update, change or eliminate any information

on this website, as well as its configuration and presentation, at any time, without prior notice and

without assuming any responsibility.