Crema Colorante 60 Ml. Valqolor 12.1 Superaclarante Ceniza

Valqolor 12.1 Ash Blonde Super Lightener Color Cream 60 Ml

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What it is? This permanent hair colouring gives excellent colour to grey hair. respecting the natural state of the capillary fibre. The cream has a very smooth texture which greatly facilitates the mixture of oxygenated water in cream. Once prepared it can be applied perfectly without dripping. Once the exposure time is over. it mixes well with water making its removal very easy. What is it used for? It gives the hair very light and vivid long-lasting colours with a very special sheen. covering the grey hair perfectly. How is it applied? The mixture with oxygenated water with cream is 1+1. this being 1+2 in the case of colour finishers.
Animal Friendly
Dermathology Tested
Free Salt
Free Silicons
Treated Water


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