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Solar Body

Solar Body

Creams, oils and body lotions with sun protection for skin care under sun exposure.

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Body Sun Protection

Sun Creams with a Rich and Nutritious Texture

Our range of sun creams offers solid and effective protection for your skin on every centimeter of your body. With rich, nourishing textures, these creams glide smoothly over your skin, providing an efficient barrier against UV rays while keeping your skin hydrated and soft.

Solar Oils with Nutrition and Natural Shine for your Skin

Our sun oils are an indulgent way to protect and beautify your skin at the same time . With enriched formulas, these oils absorb quickly, providing a protective layer while enhancing your natural glow. Enjoy radiant and cared for skin under the sun.

Moisturizing Carrot Tanning Milks: Hydration, Protection and a Touch of Color

Our hydrating tanning milks with carrot are the perfect choice for those looking for a gradual and safe tan . These unique formulas offer deep hydration while promoting a subtly tanned skin tone. Keep your skin nourished, protected and with a golden touch.

Aftersun: Relief and Care After Sun Exposure

After a day in the sun, your skin needs special care. Our aftersun line is designed to calm, refresh and hydrate your skin after sun exposure . Give your skin the relief it deserves and help prolong your tan while maintaining the health of your skin.