Happy Pets

Happy Pets

Happy Pets

Formulated without sulfates or silicones, with vegan formulas and pH balanced, premium pet shampoos offer deep cleansing and exceptional care for all breeds and coat types.

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Our Happy Pets collection of Premium Pet Shampoos is specially formulated to provide maximum care and cleansing for dogs and cats, respecting their skin and coat. Using gentle surfactants and free of sulfates and silicones , each shampoo in our line offers specific benefits tailored to the needs of different coat types.

Highlights of our Happy Pets range

  • Natural and Vegan Ingredients: All our formulas are vegan and environmentally friendly, ensuring natural and healthy care.
  • Intense and Long-lasting Perfumes: Each shampoo leaves a pleasant and persistent aroma on your pet's coat.
  • pH Balanced: With a pH of 7, our shampoos respect the delicate skin of pets.

Formulations of our Premium Pet Shampoos Happy Pets

  • Premium Shampoo for Pets of all breeds: Enriched with matcha tea and panthenol , it cleans, hydrates and cares for the coat.
  • Moisturizing Pet Shampoo: Ideal for dry and damaged hair, formulated with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera and panthenol .
  • Curly Hair Pet Shampoo : Contains grape seed oil, panthenol and a corn biopolymer to define and maintain curls.
  • Shampoo for White-Haired Pets : With lavender, kiwi and panthenol extract, it nuances yellow tones and enhances white color.

Our Premium Pet Shampoos not only ensure a deep and effective clean, but also provide intensive care that leaves your pet's coat soft, shiny and healthy. Discover the difference and give your pet the premium care it deserves!