Dye 10.3 Golden Platinum Blonde - 60 Ml

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      Dye 10.3 Golden Platinum Blonde - 60 Ml

      SKU: 34121
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      9.58€ / 100 ml

      Dye 10.3 Golden Platinum Blonde - 60 Ml
      Sale price 5,75 €Regular price 0,00 €
      Regular price 5,75 €

      Dye 10.3 Golden Platinum Blonde of advanced technology applied in permanent coloration with Arginine and VPlex.

      Coloring cream belonging to our range of Professional Dyes ; With a Premium and vegan formulation, it applies Vplex technology , an active ingredient rich in cysteines and sulfur amino acids.

      Capillary care

      Provides extra strength and life to the hair without altering the color of the Professional Dye , while revitalizing the hair fiber and repairing the damaged cuticle, conditioning it from the inside of the hair.

      Arginine is a low molecular weight amino acid that restructures the hair fiber, strengthening and giving cohesion to the keratin fibers .


      As a result, the hair color is more vivid, longer lasting, promoting superior shine, without damaging hair health .

      Thanks to all this, professional dyeing has been achieved that has:

      • 100% coverage.
      • Powerful, long-lasting gray coverage.
      • Zero damage to the cuticle, thanks to Vplex.
      • Vitality and repair, to obtain young hair.

      Dye 10.3 Golden Platinum Blonde recommended for use by hairdressing professionals.

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      Modo de empleo +

      1. Mix with premium oxidant in cream, 1+1 and 1+2 in super lighteners
      2. Apply to dry hair, from roots to ends.
      3. Wait the determined time.
      4. Rinse with plenty of water.

      Ingredientes +

      aqua, cetearyl alcohol, propylene glycol, oleic acid, ammonium hydroxide, sodium laureth sulfate, parfum, ceteth-24, sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, sodium sulfite, sodium hydrosulfite, linalool, tetrasodium edta, so dium ascorbate, resorcinol, ictasol, p -aminophenol, sodium benzoate, m-aminophenol, p-phenylenediamine, arginine, limonene, 4-amino-2-hydroxytoluene, citronellol, cystine bis-pg-propyl silanetriol, benzyl benzoate, alcohol, 2,4-diaminophenoxyethanol hcl, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin

      To choose the most suitable dye for each person, we have to know the numbering, which is given as follows:

      5. 9 3
      1 2 3

      It is a non-pigmented formula that can have different applications:

      It can be mixed with the rest of the dyes on the menu, thus reducing their intensity and height.
      If mixed with intensifiers, pastel colors can be obtained.

      Starting with number 6.0, a bifurcation appears due to the need to differentiate between two shades, so we will have warm tones (W: WARM), with a slight brown nuance, and cold tones (C: COOL), with slight green nuances.

      To the exposure time of the dye, to an inappropriate choice of the oxidizing cream, to the inappropriate proportion of coloring cream and oxidizing cream.

      They cover 100% of the most resistant gray hair, since they have greater pigmentation than natural tones.

      They have a slight brown tint

      How does ammonia work?

      The pH of our dyes is between 10.0 and 11.0.

      Customer Reviews

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      Buen resultado y Color perfecto

      Es la primera vez que uso este tinte, el resultado me ha gustado, seguramente repita. El pelo queda suave y brillante

      Julia Hernández
      Color y cuidado del pelo

      Tinte de buena calidad, yo usaba otra marca y este me ha gustado mas. Me dejo el cabello más brillante y suave. Me parece menos dañino y el color genial, lo que esperaba.