Post-French straightening hair mask - 275 ml

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      Post-French straightening hair mask - 275 ml

      SKU: 31215
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      6.65€ / 100 ml

      Post-French straightening hair mask - 275 ml
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      Hair mask after treatment of the French Straightening.

      Prevents frizz, increases ease of combing and reduces volume, keeping hair smooth and manageable for longer, also prolonging the properties of French Straightening and enhancing its benefits.

      It has been formulated with Panthenol , also known as vitamin B5, which produces a long-lasting moisturizing effect, provides shine, a conditioning effect and repairs damaged hair .

      Plus, he's vegan.


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      Modo de empleo +

      1. Apply the mask to freshly washed and towel-dried hair.
      2. Leave to act for 3 to 5 minutes.
      3. Massage and proceed to untangle during the exposure time.
      4. Rinse abundantly with water.

      Ingredientes +

      aqua, cetearyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, isopentyldiol, sorbitol, cetyl palmitate, glycerin, isopropyl alcohol, benzyl alcohol, parfum, panthenol, benzoic acid, sorbic acid, sodium hydroxide, linalool, limonene

      Yes because it does not modify the color and the straightening result is the same.

      What is recommended is that a couple of weeks should pass between dyeing and treatment.

      Yes because it does not modify the color or the result of the straightening.

      It is recommended that a couple of weeks pass between one treatment and another.

      It is recommended to first apply the French straightening treatment and allow a couple of weeks to apply the SBS treatment, since the iron is involved in both methods of use, but SBS is a hair health treatment, so it must be applied always after French straightening. Thus, the hair subjected to straightening is nourished and regenerated. However, applying SBS and then French straightening is not recommended, since it is always better to give health to the hair after a straightening treatment.

      NO, you have to use a few minutes of blow-drying, although it will not be necessary to use an iron for the final finish.

      Japanese straightening is a permanent and totally irreversible straightening treatment. It is based on a chemical alteration of the structure of hair keratin and acts in a similar way to traditional perm liquid. It requires very careful application, so it is preferable to trust professionals to apply it, since due to its radical action, the slightest error produces irreversible damage to the appearance and quality of the hair. A permanent straightening is obtained, but it usually has a not very natural appearance and without any volume.

      However, French straightening is the most innovative and avant-garde of straightening treatments and achieves a balance between the quality of the straightening, its duration, the hair treatment itself and the ease of its application. It does not chemically alter the internal structure of the keratin (as is the case with Japanese straightening) so its duration is not permanent, although it can last up to 6 months. Its application method is simple although laborious, it can take between 3 and 4 hours, so it is recommended to go to a professional hairdresser. The treatment is not aggressive and the hair also acquires shine, nutrition and straightening with immediate effects. The result is a very natural-looking straightening, and only a few minutes of blow-drying are necessary after each wash to give the hair the desired straight look. The prices of the service in professional hairdressers range from 60 to 180 euros.

      What are the differences between Brazilian straightening and French straightening?

      The treatment can be done again after 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the quality of the hair.

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      Manuel Rodas Sanchez
      Excelente calidad a excelente precio

      Producto de muy alta calidad

      Muy recomendable

      Maravillosa, he probado miles y esta cumple perfectamente mis expectativas. Deja el pelo súper suave y liso.

      Ideal para pelo liso

      Me hice hace un tiempo el Alisado Francés de esta marca y me encantó. Esta mascarilla va genial porque no deja el pelo encrespado y lo deja suave e hidratado. Me encanta!