Total Repair Shampoo Particles

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      Total Repair Shampoo Particles

      SKU: 34005
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      Total Repair Shampoo Particles
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      Shampoo particles with green caviar and cotton capsules to revive hair health. This shampoo belongs to Valquer's range of sulfate-free shampoos and with exclusive ingredients to revive the health of damaged hair. It contains a high concentration of active ingredients that enhance hair cleansing.

      Natural Origin Ingredients

      Total Repair particle shampoo has a mixture of naturally derived ingredients that revitalize and renew your hair from the roots.

      • Green Caviar : This powerful moisturizer improves hair elasticity while providing a smoothing and firming effect. Its richness in vitamins (B1, B2, V3, B9, A, E and C) , polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) and micronutrients make it a fundamental ally for hair health.
      • Vegetable Keratin: It has enormous benefits for the hair, as it keeps it moist and flexible, giving it vitality and shine.
      • Cotton capsules: They are none other than the seeds of this plant, which provide softness, purity, freshness and well-being to the hair.


      Innovative ultra-fine powder texture that, in contact with water, turns into a soft and creamy foam.

      Benefits of shampoo particles

      It is 4 times more concentrated than a traditional shampoo, providing extra cleansing, shine, strength, foam, softness and hydration.

      Through this product and its ultra-concentrated formula we have:

      • Reduced the size of the product format, thus reducing plastic by 50%
      • Reduce 100% of water
      • Reduce CO2 emissions.

      150g. of shampoo particles = 1000 ml. traditional shampoo

      Without Sulfates, Without Salts, Without Dyes or Silicones

      This shampoo is formulated without sulfates, without dyes, without silicones, without salt or other components harmful to hair , making it a safe choice for daily or frequent use.

      To obtain the best results we recommend applying the shampoo with a gentle massage. This allows the active ingredients to work directly on each hair fiber, achieving:

      • Total Hair Repair thanks to its formula enriched with natural ingredients.
      • Prevention of Irritations and Itching for a soft and comfortable wash
      • Hair hydration and manageability: The hair fiber will be revitalized and restructured.
      • Feeling of Extreme Softness: Get soft and silky hair.
      • No Unwanted Residue: This shampoo does not leave any residue on the hair.

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      Modo de empleo +

      1. Moisten the hair.
      2. Sprinkle the required amount of the shampoo particles on the hair.
      3. Massage until smooth and creamy foam is formed.
      4. Rinse with water.

      Ingredientes +

      sodium cocoyl isethionate, sorbitol, polyquaternium-10, parfum, aqua, citric acid, stearyl dihydroxypropyldimonium oligosaccharides, propylene glycol, limonene, linalool, tocopheryl acetate, hexyl cinnamal, benzyl benzoyate, hydroxyate pyltrimonium corn/wheat/soy amino acids, butylene glycol, bht , glycerin, isopropyl alcohol, citral, hydroxycitronellal, gossypium herbaceum seed extract, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, caulerpa lentillifera extract, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, sorbic acid

      Total Repair Shampoo's particle formula is 4 times more concentrated than traditional shampoo, reducing virtually all of the water in the formula. Shampoo
      Traditional has a liquid texture and the shampoo particles have a texture of ultra-fine powder, which in contact with water turns into a creamy foam.

      Both do not contain sulfates, dyes, silicones or salt. Both contain green caviar, vegetable keratin and cotton extract. Both are vegan formulas.

      150 grams of shampoo particles are equivalent to 1000 milliliters of traditional shampoo.

      Yes, since its formula is 4 times more concentrated than a traditional shampoo.

      Customer Reviews

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      Particulas de Champú

      Deja el cabello muy limpio. Un champú muy original en su formato

      No lava muy bien

      Lo he probado varias veces pero no hace tanta espuma y no deja la sensación del pelo limpio

      Manuel Oliva Mendoza
      gran producto

      Es fantástico para pelos secos y dañados por tratamientos técnicos