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Valquer French Straightening Treatment

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French smoothing treatment: Kit for 1 use, depending on the hand avant-garde advanced technology treatment to get a smooth mane for 4 or 6 months, with which you will only need 5 minutes of hairstyle with dryer for maintenance. And you will get a controlled volume without curling. It is a thermodynamic treatment that does not damage or break the structure of the capillary fiber. It does not interfere with the coloration processes (the hair can be colored before or after the treatment without damaging the hair, although it is recommended to stop spending at least 2 weeks between one treatment and another). The French smoothing incorporates into its formula natural ingredients (purified water, vegetable keratin and hyaluronic acid) that bring hydration hair, flexibility, ease of hairstyle without censence and an incredible natural brightness. Beware that this type of smoothing is done In hairdressers and lasts between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the length of the hand. The kit includes 4 products: Preparatory shampoo (2 UDS), smoothing and mask treatment that maintains and increases the duration of treatment. The concentrated French straightening: has been formulated with phytokeratin, an extract composed of free amino acids of vegetable origin (corn, wheat and soy), whose proportion is similar to the amino acids of the human keratin. The benefits of this extract are the increase of free amino acids present in the hair, which play an important role, as it helps keep it wet and flexible. It also provides brightness and vitality. Post-smoothing mask: Avoid crimping, increases the hairstyle and reduces the volume, keeping hair smooth and manageable for longer, prolonging the properties of the French smoothing and enhancing its benefits. Mask has been formulated with panthenol (vitamin B5), which produces a lasting moisturizing effect, provides brightness, a conditioning effect and repairs damaged hair. In addition, it is vegan. On the other hand, the computer shampoo is specially formulated with a basic pH and is also vegan. It is developed to prepare the hair, opening the cuticle as a passage before capillary treatments with keratin, botulinic effect, lifting, etc.
Animal Friendly
100% vegan
Free Colorants
Dermathology Tested
Free Sulfate
Free Salt
Free Silicons
Treated Water


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